Dr. Kathy James

See Dr. Kathy in the news! The clip is about 22 minutes and 50 seconds in length.



Dr. Kathy's Health and Weight Loss Guide

Based on the latest science and the proven successful results of her patients, Dr. Kathy shows you how to achieve optimal health while realizing your ideal weight. Learn how to manage your daily habits and make the best choices for your busy life .

Dr. Kathy shares how you can achieve the success enjoyed by her patients over the past twenty years. Make the commitment to change your habits and Dr. Kathy will help you greet each day as a happier, healthier person.  This easy to read book has been specifically written for you, whether you are 18 or 80. Start working on your plan today and build a healthier, more fulfilling tomorrow.

Feed with Love Helping Parents Win the Battle Against Overweight. Pediatric Basics, 116(2007).

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